Accommodating foreign students

When we have received your application either way, one of our local agents will contact you and gladly inform you of the advantages of making a foreign student an active member of your family.

Our students study for an average of 2 or 3 weeks and mostly come from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, France, Czech republic, Poland, Hungary and China.

They will check your accommodation and where the student will stay to ensure it meets our standards, and also find out more about you, such as your occupation, interests, pets, and number of children you have.

This helps us to build a profile for when we come to match you with a student.

The array of services provided through the AHN Group is unprecedented in the industry and includes a national background check process, 24/7 professionally staffed emergency support, online payment services, compulsory online student and host orientation training, and professional airport transportation services—all managed through AHN’s web-based Homestay Management System for students, hosts, agents and institutions.

This is typically from one week to three months, depending on the nature of the visit.

If you are interested in hosting international students, seeking a host family while you study in the USA, or partnering with us to build your homestay program within your school community, gphomestay can support your endeavors.

Our services extend beyond matching students and hosts, as Gphomestay’s trained staff provides ongoing cross-cultural support to ensure international foreign exchange students and host families both have positive and meaningful experiences.

S., we look forward to celebrating our birthday every year, but that is not the case with our Chinese international students.

Western culture promotes spending every birthday... Read more This story was sent by Sheila Johnson, a host mother for an international student at Saint Patrick Saint Vincent High School in Vallejo, California. Read more Gphomestay is a residential solutions company that connects international students and foreign exchange students with welcoming American host families.

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