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Furthermore, its experienced sonographer authors continue to advise on the practical aspects of scanning as well as the role, value and limitations of ultrasound in the diagnosis of different diseases thus providing firm foundations in both obstetric and gynaecological imaging.200 pregnant females were examined having gestational age of 28 or more weeks.Your maternity care provider has referred you for an ultrasound scan to assess the baby’s size and the amniotic fluid volume.This type of ultrasound scan is referred to as a fetal growth scan.This study reports first trimester dating and growth charts for crown-rump length between 5 and 14 weeks of gestation and biparietal diameter between 9 and 14 weeks of gestation on an Australia population using modern real-time ultrasound equipment.All consenting eligible women attending a large Sydney clinic for first trimester ultrasound between March 2005 and December 2006 were recruited.If the fetal weight estimate is below the bottom 10 per cent line on the graph, it is considered to be small for gestational age (SGA).

The transducer must be perpendicular to the central axis of the head, and thus the hemispheres and calvaria should appear symmetric. Common reasons to have a fetal growth scan in pregnancy include the following: During the fetal growth scan, various measurements are taken of the fetus.The measurements are plotted on a growth chart, according to the number of weeks pregnant that you are at the time of the scan (gestational age).It is a methodology devoted to the measurement of the several parts of fetal anatomy and their growth.Fetal growth is defined as the time dependent changes in body dimensions that occur throughout the pregnancy.

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