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U are so beautiful just like angel God created from heaven and sent down to earth, I will like to get to know...Diocese located in the civil province of Umbria, Italy.If you’re looking for an authentic piece of Paraguay to take home with you, start at Folklore.At this artisan’s workshop, you’ll find fine examples of carved wood and bespoke instruments, as well as leather handicrafts, lace clothing and mugs for tereré (traditional herbal tea).If you’re seeking a bargain, head to the stalls peddling handmade crafts, hammocks and traditional clothes.Don’t miss the carts selling grilled beef skewers and chipá – washed down with an obligatory icy beer! The 220 million US dollar investment made in this shopping mecca was among the first deals of its kind sealed in the Paraguayan capital and it’s got the goods to prove it was money well spent.In the absence of mass tourism, it's a place where closer contact and the lack of preconceptions can lead to memorable, even intimate, experiences at underrated sites.Arrivals from North America or Europe are a relative novelty, to be treated with courtesy and respect.

In the seventh and eighth centuries Assisi fell under the power of the Lombard dukes, and in 773 was razed to the ground by Charlemagne for its determined resistance to him.

Three of the country's highways were cut off by flooding.

The low-pressure system also sucked humidity from northwestern Argentina, where high winds and unseasonably hot temperatures combined to spark at least eight wildfires.

Near Paraguay's capital, Asuncion, four soldiers died and 14 were injured when their dormitory roof caved in, and a falling sign killed a teenage girl outside a shopping centre in the suburb of Mariano Roque Alonso.

"All the lights went out and the wind began to blow, but this wind we thought it was a hurricane. It was terrible," said Andres Caballero, who was inside the shopping centre.

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