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One of the main complaints of this area from many residents in the city is that with highly-appreciating property values has come an outplacement of local shops and restaurants in favor of national chains.

I met someone who lived nearby who whenever they went out would play the game called, “What local shop or restaurant closed today?

I was also intrigued by the peaceful coastal scene, painted in the impressionist style. Many years later, I became an artist and I had to revisit this scene of my childhood. This article is a personal inquiry in hopes that someone might provide me with more information about this fine impressionist. I have absolutely no confirmed documentation for the facts below, so consider this information as "hear say." From what I could gather, Mc Kay's full name was Frances H Mc Kay, a female artist born in 1880 (date of death unknown) in Rockport, Maine. Some limited information can be found from the Washington-based "Women In American Art" organization.

I soon discovered that there was very little written about the artist, F. She painted primarily coastal scenes (usually with trees and houses along a path leading to the ocean). regards to the Mc Kay painting The House On Seacoast Lane, one description found was as follows: "Seacoast Lane" by the well known female artist F. Mc Kay, born 1880 (date of death unknown) Cute little framed print of an idyllic tree lined street with charming cottage style homes, one with a white picket fence. Mc Kay Here are several comments I found on various forums.

Bodega Sur An offshoot of the date night favorite Argentinian steakhouse Tango Sur three doors down, Bodega Sur is more casual yet still offers some of the delicious items found at Tango Sur.

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