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Ail you do is pay bills, invoice clients, and collea deposits. the PC Desktop program with its pro- ductivity features. I doubt if any one user will ever master the complete package, and books on PC Tools are fat and in- timidating, You could make it a lifelong endeavor to say you've used every- thing in the package (which has often been the case with other major appli- cations as well).Quick Books does all the work to provide you with management information and financial statements - an\' time \'ou want. Comparatively speaking, you'd need to buy The Norton Utilities plus The Norton Backup and The Norton Commander even to start comparing the packages across the board.I hope you'll be numerous to come and enjoy this mud, explore our specific areas, chat with players and imms, make your clan wealthy, fight dangers teaming with foes, quest through the world and so on...English is official language, but as our player base is mainly french, French is very often used :) Have Fun, Be Happy, Play Midnite MUD ! ----------------------------------------------Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : 3-Kingdoms [LP] LP 33000 [64.2] 3Kingdoms is one of the oldest and largest muds around, and features areas for the complete novice or the more sophisticated high-end player.

(This stems from Symantec's view of PC Tools as an end-user product and its outdated and stubborn insistence that end users don't buy programs.) For ba- sic utility needs, however, Norton more than fills the bill.

Twelve years later you will find people who still can't believe he is gone.

I can only assume that is how fans of Brett Favre feel now.

Mud Code Base Telnet WWW Description : : : : : The Original Leviathan [LP] Leviathan (NM IVa) leviathan.1691 [2.83] After beta testing for more than 14 months, Leviathan opened on November 1, 1995.

Since then, we've been picking up new players every day, who insist that the environment that we've created is the most dynamic, literate, and compelling one of its kind.

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