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Marshall amps have been used by the biggest names in rock ’n’ roll and the company has now partnered with Swedish firm Zound Industries to develop a consumer range.

Rock brand Marshall says it has named its new line of Bluetooth-connected speakers after London stations.

The flagship in the range is the Hanwell, the neighbourhood where the company’s late founder, Jim Marshall, opened his first shop in 1962.

The ultimate reason to attend any 21 Convention live event is simple: when you buy a ticket to one of our events, you are not simply buying a ticket or reserving your seat at the event, you are buying an opportunity to physically interact with, learn from, and shake hands with men who together, have over 100 years of experience that they can offer you. Videos from the events, even when tightly organized into a great platform like 21 University, simply do not provide this.

The videos are only a compressed window into what the speakers have to offer.

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