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Grown developed Cress Today- an advanced indoor garden system that lets you grow cress fast, all year round.

Presently, her projects include Design for Legacy and Sustaining Peace in an Urbanizing World.Palcic created the clock, named “Es Liegt was in Der Luft” – or There Is Something in the Air – to offer an alternative way to tell the time. “The olfactory clock allows the user to experience the passage of time in a different way: Instead of the time being read, as with other timepieces, it hangs in the air and is inhaled” says the artist. In this scenario the guide will become a cultural manager in the process than the sole contributor and contact person of the city's underground. It also made his job easier, as he only needs to contact one person who's fit to be the guide of Skopje.Subsequently the guide will invite the whole artistic network of Skopje to start contributing.

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