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The Bible, however, doesn’t offer details regarding this period, so, as a layman, you’re wondering if these are just metaphors. Mc Quate clearly explains what the word “tribulation” really means, along with some other terms that we’ve heard many times before, but were never sure of their meaning – “Matrix”, “Repentance”.This is a very serious study of the Great Tribulation, and not only, based on extensive research of ancient cultures that have mentioned this time of calamities long before the Bible was written.

We know from the Bible that the Great Tribulation will be a time of disasters and chaos during which the ones who did not choose God until the Rapture will experience famine, war, pain and diseases.

The first thing that came to my mind after reading Dr.

Mc Quate’s book was: “and I thought I knew some things about the Bible”.

At this time, he was losing his hold on his empire and wanted to gain control again so he held a council, called Council of Nicea, which took the Hebrew Bible in its entirety and called that the Old Testament and then adapted the story of Horus, the Egyptian god of the Sun, as the New Testament, to create Jesus, a person that was at the time fictious, as there is absolutely no proof that Jesus of Nazareth ever really existed.

Of all the known scribes and historians of that era, living in and around that area, not one wrote a single sentence about anyone that even comes close to the Jesus persona.

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