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I don't even have permits as one of my 8 steps to how to finish a basement.

I built a couple of my walls before I made it official and purchased my "announcement" (permit).

I have a passion for music, audio, Home Theater and most of all - I just love building speakers.

The inspection is really just a review of your work by a licensed and experienced person who is just checking to make sure everything is safe.However, as I said in my “A light Colour will never come to Life in a Dark Room” post, dark rooms look dingy painted in white unless your basement is as well lit as this one (above).And if it has this much lighting, you can still use a richer paint colour. The permit is really just an announcement that you are going to do some work on your house. Try changing the vocabulary from" permits" and "inspections" to "announcements" and "reviews".

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