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This wasn't Ryan's first time trying to get to the Olympics; in 2012, he narrowly missed out on making the team in both of his signature events, getting sixth in the 100-meter backstroke and fourth in the 200-meter backstroke (only the top two swimmer qualify for the Games).__4.__Ryan swam competitively in Florida before moving to California to attend college and train with the University of California-Berkeley Golden Bears.5.When he was younger, Ryan would get so nervous before races that he'd puke.

At the time, she wasn’t exactly Playboy material, she admitted: “I was always kind of chubby.

“That’s when I knew, I’m not letting this one go.” So who is the self-proclaimed “private” beauty, and how did she land the party-boy Olympian?

A Virginia native, Reid, 25, is a former high school cheerleader who admits to a botched boob job, swore she’d never date an athlete, and hid her nude career from her conservative family.

He is also the most decorated Olympian in individual events, with 16 medals (13 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze).

Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalen is the most decorated Winter Olympian, with 13 medals (8 gold, 4 silver, and 1 bronze).

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And that can be changed.” Some research suggests that running may help improve muscle mass, but the conclusions are unclear as to which type of exercise is best for women over 60.

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