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It has been said that we as parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators need to remind ourselves that we were not always taught how to deal with anger as a fact of life during our own childhood.

We were led to believe that to be angry was to be bad, and we were often made to feel guilty for expressing anger.

Adult skills can then be directed toward showing children acceptable ways of expressing their feelings.So how did I do it – and what is my advice to those wishing to turn their life into a novel? I could actually write a whole book on the subject, but I have been very strict with myself.(Mainly because this is my first ALLi post and I don’t think I’d ever be invited back to write another if I’d turn in 90,000 words instead of 900!Take one week and write down how much you spend eating out.That includes all those coffees, soft drinks, things from the vending machines and snacks you buy throughout the day.

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It will be easier to deal with children’s anger if we get rid of this notion.

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